(This article was printed in the NZ Motor Caravanner Magazine)

Out of sight, out of mind... That's why many motorhomes simply overlook the importance of chassis maintenance.

However, Matt Kew, the ownerof Thames-based Autotech Panelbeaters and his team know just how vital this key aspect of motorhome and caravan maintenance is and late last year invested in a 6.5 tonne fourposter hoist.

"From the date of installation there has not been one day when we haven't had a vehicle hoisted on it," says Matt. "All vehicles inspected for maintenance are hoisted up to standing height where the whole chassis can be inspected and, if required, a rust prevention solution is offered.

"The hoist has also made tank installation a breeze - providing plenty of space for our installers t complete the job quickly and efficiently."

So, if you are thinking about increasing your tank storage volume or even wanting to put tanks in for the first time call in and Matt will go over the installation process, from tank size / capacity installation site, fitting and then certification - which can also be arranged onsite.

"All tanks can be made to order, so give us a call with your requirements leave your vehicle with us and will get i sorted for you from installation to certification," says Matt.